Tirumeeyachur is a sleepy village that springs into life with activity with cars plying on its winding ways leading to the temple during the morning and evening hours Situated in Nagapatnam district, Tirumeeyachur is on Tiruvarur – Myladuthurai road near Peralam amidst picturesque surroundings with green fields and shady trees on the roadway. The pollution free, fresh breeze, even in the month of Chitirai Summer is rejuvenating.

The temple of Sri Meganathar and Devi Sri Lalithambikai is the center of attraction, spreading the divine flavor with its all powerful and famous identity, Lalitha Sahasranamam. Lalitha Sahasranamam is presented in the form of instructions imparted to the sage Agasthya by Hayagriva who is an incarnation of Sri Maha Vishnu. The stotra explains the city of Sripura (Tirumeeachur), her abode, her greatness, the oneness of Sri Yantra.  Agastiar with his wife, Lobomudira had the darshan of the Devi as Navaratna and worshipped her with the hymns, Navaratna mala composed by him.  At the sanctum, the Devi Sri Lalithambikai is granting darshan on Sri Chakra peetam as Rajarajeswari with her right leg folded on the seat wearing all the beautiful adornments.

The presiding deity of Tirumeeachur is Sri Meganathar also known as Sri Muyarchinathar. This temple is so old in its origin that it existed even before the worship of the Navagrahas was started in the Saivaites temples. Instead of Navagrahas, twelve Nagas (serpant deities) depicting the twelve Rasis are worshipped here for dosha nivarthi.




Details of Tower

The temple tank is Surya Pushkarani Tirtham, situated outside the temple. In front of the broad Sanathi street, is an imposing five tier tower that is simple in construction without images of the deities but majestic in appearance. Facing the tower is the Dwajastambam and Kodimara Vinayakar. Then is the Nandhi before the Sanctum of Sri Meganathar. This sanctum sanctorum is of Gajaprishtam type that resembles the back of an elephant with a semi circular curved wall at the rear. Sri Lalithambikai’s sanctum is on the right side, just after the main tower and both the sanctums are facing the common Dwajastambam on the front side.

In this temple, one can have darshan of all the three deities, Brahma, Vishnu and Sivan.  Also there is Privithi Lingam worshiped by the sage Agasthiar,  Pathala Lingam and some twenty five other Lingas representing the various sthalams around the inner praharam besides, Kshatra puraneswarar, Sakala Buvaneswarar, Minnum Megalai Amman, and other deities.

The deity, Durgai is seen in the outer praharam with bewitching beauty with a parrot, Sukabrahamam on her palm. It is believed that the requests of the devotees put forth to Devi Durga are communicated instantly to Devi Lalithambikai through this parrot for favorable fulfillment

The prominent Saivaite Nayanars, Tirugnanasambandar and Tirunavukkarasare had sung hymns in praise of the Lord of this temple. In each Tamil month Chitrai, the Sun’s light rays fall directly on the image of Lord Meganathar in the early morning hours from 21st to 27th. During this time it is believed all the Gods in the Heaven also join the worship of the Lord. It is here the Sun god had his redemption from his sins after his penance and he is said to have emerged from the cloud, which explains the name, Meganathar.

Both sons of the Sun god, Sanibahagawan, who decides the fate of a person and the Lord Yama, who ends one’s life, were originated in this stalam and it is for this reason Tirumeeyachur is the right place to celebrate all auspicious functions like Ayush Homam, Sashtiyaptha poorthi and Sadabishegam in one’s life.

There is an interesting episode on how the famous anklet came to be adorned in the lotus feet of Sri Lalithambikai. A lady devotee in Bangalore, Karnataka dreamt of the Sakthi, whose form she had not seen before and later on inquiry, she identified the image of Sri Lalithambikai at Tirumeeyachur is the one and the same deity that appeared in her dream. When she wanted to make the anklet as an offering, the archagar seems to have said there is no way he could fix it on the feet of the image as there was no space to insert it. After a great deal of persuasion, he saw that there indeed was an opening near the idol’s ankle which had been blocked by years of accumulated Abishekam material. The archakar himself was surprised at this new find which he never saw before. This incident was real and had happened in the recent past

The Temple with Sanathi Street

A visit to this holy Sakthi stalam and the darshan of Sri Adi Parasakthi in the form of Lalithambikai with all her adornments is a soul fulfilling sight to behold that can not be described here but only to be experienced there. What other better place than this Tirumeeachur of Sarva Alankara, Sarva Aabarana Roopini is there to chant Lalitha Sahasanamam to get her grace in this life and after?

CSG Raju

April 22, 2011


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  1. K.L.Narayanan Says:

    Excellent pictures and good write up. Would like to meet the author if he is anywhere in Chennai

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