Devi Mookambikai Temple at Kolluru

Kolluru & the Temple

Devi MOOKAMBIKAI Temple Entrance

Kolluru is a small village in Kundapur Taluk in Karnataka State and is at a distance of 128 Km North of Mangalore. Devi Mookambikai temple is situated at the foot of Kodacheri peak of the Western range of mountains on the banks of river, Soubarnika. There is another rivulet running near the temple by name, Agni thirtam.

The river Soubarnika

Agni Teertham

The Jagat Guru Adi Sankarachariyar is closely associated with this temple and the Pancholaga image of the Goddess on Sri Chakra is believed to have been consecrated by Adi Sankarachariar during his visit to this place. It is considered to be one of the important Sakthi Peetams in the country. The Goddess Mookambikai is Devi Parvathi herself in the form of Jyotir-Lingam representing Shiva and Shakthi together. Devotees throng to the temple in the early hours of the morning at the time of abishakam to have a glimpse of the Swarna Rakha on the head of the Lingam which is otherwise covered by the adornments in the normal darshan time.

The legend has it that Adi Sankaracharyar performed a meditation to fulfill a wish to build a temple for the Goddess Mookambikai at his place. Pleased by his devotion and dedication the Devi appeared before him and consented to his vision for the temple and agreed to follow him to his place on the condition that he should not doubt her and turn back to see whether she is following him or not. On reaching Kollur, the Devi wanted to test him and purposely stopped the jingling of her anklets (golusu). The absence of the sound created a suspicion in the mind of Sri Sanakaracharyar and he turned back against his promise. Because of this deviation, the Devi Mookambikai stopped following him and stood there itself. This is how the temple came into being at Kollru.

At the inner corridor of the temple is there a place where a metal clad ancient Peetam, said to have been used by the Acharya, Adi Sankarachariar is kept. One can visit this place by paying a nominal entrance fee.

The Deepa stambam & Dwaja stambam before the Sanctum

At the Temple

There is a beautiful tall Deepa Stambam for a number of oil lit lamps and gold plated Dwaja Stambam before the sanctum. There is an exclusively carved entrance structure before the sanctum sanctorum.

Many of the elders know that the Tamilnadu’s former Chief Minister Sri. M.G.R. was a devotee of Devi Mookambikai and had gifted a gold sword weighing one kg and two and half feet long to the temple.

The temple serves good food for the pilgrims free of cost and quite a number of good hotels are there nearby for staying at this place. When you are visiting this temple, plan for a night stay at Kolluru and have a holy darshan of the Swarna Rekha early in the morning at the time of abishegam and be blessed by the Devi Mookambikai.

A picturesque view of the Western range of mountains

The divine temple, tranquility of the place, rustic atmosphere, scenic beauty of the mountain peaks and flowing rivulets all create a unique soul fulfilling experience at Kolluru.

CSG Raju

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External Link: For virtual tour of Devi Mookambikai Temple, Kolluru click the link below – Speakers on please –

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