Here is a collection of photos of some important festivals captured in this festival season that drew up huge crowds of men and women of all ages.  The different sevas in the mornings and evenings presented a kaleidoscope of colors and adornments which pleased both the eyes and the mind.

Festival of this nature is generally a mass entertainment event for the public and an occasion for the entire family to visit the temple, its tank and the precincts to witness the festivities. Incidentally, such festivals do promote a sense of participation and involvement among the people. A number of temporary food and drinks shelters of temporary nature were put up on the roads leading to the Kapali temple to provide food and buttermilk for the crowd.

The Arubathumoover festival, the most important event of this series, is a huge crowd puller in several thousands from in and around Mylapore.  Also, the other deities in Mylapore like A/m Kolavizhi Amman, Mundagakanniamman, Draupathi Amman and others joined the procession of the 63 Nayanmars, who had immortalized themselves by their devotion or bhakthi to the Lord.

This collection of photos taken on different days of this festival is sure to provide a delightful peep into the colorful spectacle of what it was!

The flag on the Dwajastambam marks the commencement of the festival

SUN Circle seva


Murugar with his consorts

Vinayagar on his mount, the Mouse on Adhigara Nandhi Day


At the Pandal


KARPAGAMABL on Lion Vahana on Purushamirugam day

MURUGAR on Tiger mount on Purusha mirugam day

The famous RISHABA vahana seva that starts on the midnight and lasts upto the dawn on the following day

KARPAGAMBAL on Rishaba vahanam

Lord Murugar on Peacock vahanam

THER (car) festival

Beautiful decoration of the Plait of Karpagambal

The colorful Car with its adornments

63-ver festival-the Nayanmars on procession

A long line of 63 Nayanmars before the Lord Siva

Lord Siva in silver Vimanam

Karpagambal on her Silver Vimanam

Murugar with his consorts on 63-ver day

SANDIKESWARAR on 63-ver day


PICHADANAR – Lord Siva known for his playful deeds, takes this form and goes round the mada streets alone for collecting money for his marriage!

Tiru Kalyanam of Karpagambal with Kapaleeswarar

A/m KARPAGAMBAL after the marriage with A/m KAPALEESWARAR

The marriage of Siva and Parvathy was celebrated in a grand manner and style from the funds raised by the Pichadanar, the previous day. The blushing newly wed Karpagambal is seen wearing the mangala sutra, the multi strands of golden yellow threads around her neck in the traditional madisar attire.

Kailash Seva


Ravana with nine heads

You may be wondering at Ravana with only nine heads in this picture. Here is the beautiful story behind it:

The legend has it that Ravana, the mighty emperor of the Rakshasas and an ardent devotee of Lord Siva started lifting Kailash to take it to his mother’s abode  to enable her to worship the Lord, as she was disabled to move on account of her old age. The mountain Kailash started shaking a little and on seeing this, the Lord Siva stamped on Ravana and he was caught crushed beneath the mighty mountains. Later, as a measure of redemption to what he had done, Ravana, who was also a talented celestial  musician, started singing with an improvised Veena as an accompaniment to please the Lord. This veena, in his hands, was made of by clipping one of his heads and other parts of his body.

The awesome Kailash Seva

This Kailash seva was an awesome and inspiring sight with the mighty idols of the demon Ravana carrying Lord Siva, measuring some sixteen feet tall and eight feet wide. It was almost filling the entire doorway of the temple tower. The seva, with tastefully decorated big, colorful, flowing flower garlands was a fitting finale to the Panguni Uthiram festivals at the Kapali temple, Mylapore last night (29/3/10).

A scene on the temple tower depicting Devi Karpagamabal in the peacock-hen form worshiping the Lord Siva

Slide 32

கயிலையே மயிலை
மயிலையே கயிலை

CSG Raju


2 Responses to “FESTIVALS OF KAPALI”

  1. Sundararajan Says:

    I had been to the temple on the kotietram day but did not stay at chennai to witness the festivals. You have made me to have a glimpse of that with your excellent photos Thanks a lot. I have shared the car festival PPt mail with my friends

    from Bangalore

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