Three most ugly women entering the ashram of the sage Kukkudar get transformed into beautiful apsaras over night. This surprises the young man Pundalik and on inquiry, he comes to know that the three apsaras are the sacred rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswathi who acquire ugliness due to washing away of sins by numerous people who take bath in these rivers daily to get rid of their sins. The rivers get their beautiful forms back by offering puja and service to the sage Kukkudar which speaks of his extraordinary powers.

Pundarikan finds out the reason behind the powers of the sage and comes to know that it is due to the devotion of the sage to his parents. This opens up the mindset of Pundarikan who realizes his folly and he too starts worshipping his parents faithfully.

The Lord Pandurangan then tests the truthfulness of Pundrikan towards his parents and one day the Lord calls on him while he is attending to his parents. Pundarikan comes out only after he finished his service to his parents, keeping the Lord waiting on a brick at the entrance of his house. This is how Pandurangan gets the name Vittobha – Vitt meaning a brick in Marathi. The Lord then bestows his grace on Pudnarikan and his parents.

Railway Station

Pandarpur or Pandaripuram is on the banks of the river Chandrabaga in Maharashtra and is at a distance of 75 km from Sholapur. The heart of Pandarpur is this ancient temple which is visited by thousand of devotees every day. The queue for darshan starts right from the river bed which is about 500 meters away and passes thro’ a foot bridge and a multi-storied queue complex before it reaches the temple. There is also another entrance for this temple for ‘Mukha seva’ a fast one by which one can have a quick darshan of the Lord at a distance of some 20 feet. Closed circuit TVs are installed to capture the pujas offered to the deities.

Road leading to templeQueue Complex

Pandarinath Temple

Pandarinath TemplePandarinath TempleTemple Entrance

Thayar’s name is Rughumayee or Rukumanibhai. There are separate sanathis for the Lord and his consort and they are seen in standing position with hands on their hips, which posture is like, they are enjoying the bhajans of the devotees.

Chandrabaga RiverChandrabaga RiverChandrabaga River

Ferry boats are available at Chandrabaga river for taking the devotees across the river for bathing in clean waters. A bath in the holy Chandrabagha river is rejuvenating and refreshing. Pandarpur still retains horse drawn coaches of yester years and auto rickshaws are also available.

On horse drawn coach

Chakkubai Temple

There is a temple for Chukkubai ,which is at a distance of some 4 km form the main temple.

Kumkum Shop

Pandaripuram Pandurangan temple preaches the importance of parents, the foremost among the conducts to be adopted by each and every citizen of this land, namely patronizing one’s parents in their old age. If every one starts following the path of the Lord Pandurangan, where is the need for the old age homes that desert the feelings of the aged?

Jai Jai Vittala, Panduranga Vittala

CSG Raju


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  1. mahalingam Says:

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    well documented and nice to read.
    i appreciate your patience and dedication.

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  6. Indian Monument Manufacturers Association Says:

    I want to have dharshan of Sri Panduranga at Pandaripuram. Please let me know whether lodges are available with western type toilets because my wife is having arthritis and my sister and brother in law are above 70 years. I am also aged 70 and my widre is 63. Hence I want this information. Sorry for the trouble.

    • csgraju Says:

      We didn’t stay over night at Pandaripur when we visited some four years back. Pandaripur is a famous pilgrimage centre and is visited by lakhs and lakhs of people from all over the country and abroad. As per the Internet information, there are good hotels available there and you may confirm the details of the facilities provided by telephoning to them. I understand your age related problems as we are around 70 years and strongly feel this should not be an impediment to your darshan of Lord Panduranga.
      Jai Vittala!

  7. shreevats shankar iyer Says:

    my name is shreevats. iam doing my final year engg. i am very fond of pandharpur. i had visited only once for bhajan
    programme. but i feel like visiting this pilgrimage temple very
    oftenly. when i saw these photos i really felt that i am in pandharpur. i stay in mumbai. thanks and great job done
    by you.

    • csgraju Says:

      Thank you for your feedback! I am happy that my blog impressed you so much to get your nice comments! All the best in your studies.

  8. maheshraj Says:

    iam intrested to travel to pandripurm pls contact me

    • csgraju Says:

      You may contact me through this website if you have any queries. Also, please see the other comments which might answer your queries

  9. maheshraj Says:

    hi am interested in travelling to these historic places

    • csgraju Says:

      Hi, It is very nice that you have decided to visit this holy place of Sri. Panduranga frequented by saints, devotees and tourists in large numbers. Have a nice trip and be blessed by the presiding deities

  10. Anitha Says:

    I want a famous devostional song abt vittal sung by A lady “Pandaridhara Panduranga Vittala .———-” panduranga vittala. pls send me

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  12. keshavraman Says:

    Can you please provide me the link to the temple site/office-i want to donate.

  13. P V Venkatesan Says:

    Thanks Mr Raju for Pandharpur story and excellent information about the holy place. May the God bless you!

    Thanks again for superb work.

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    without visiting felt our presence at pandaripuram. Hats off u sir keep it up

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  18. Narasimha Sarma Says:

    thanks for the details about pandaripuram

    • csgraju Says:

      I went to Pandaripur from Sholapur by a van several years ago. There is some bus service available as per the internet. Can someone help this reader please?

  19. V Balan Says:

    Please advise how to do darsan? is there any big que have to stand and wait for darsan.or can we do easily without wasting of i am in defence, have to program it as per.
    pls relpy. my mail
    V Bala

  20. subha mohan Says:

    my desire is i will live in bhandaripuram because bhandaripura is a holy devotional area and heaven,my native is tamil nadu, language problem and i dont know pandaripur travel detaills,pls tell me pandaripur travel details

    • csgraju Says:

      It is very nice of you to have expressed your desire to go to Pandaripuram. frequented in large numbers by devotees from all over the country and abroad. I visited this holy kshtra some five years ago from Chennai in a tour conducted by a reliable operator. I also recommend you to join a guided tour so that your travel, food and stay are taken care of. Language should not be a problem when you travel as a group. I wish you a comfortable journey and darshan of Lord Panduranga and his consort, Raghumayee.
      Jai Vittala!

    • chakravarthy Says:

      From chennai to Solapur (mumbai trains) are having 3 services daily. Get down at Solapur from there around 40 Kms only by road. Lot of bus services are available from solapur also to reach pandripur. Plan accordingly for return also. Else conduct tour conductors

  21. Sreemannarayana Rao Pochampalli Says:

    Beatiful. Nicely explained the sanctity of the Pandaripura kshetram along with photographs. Hope the Lord bless us to visit Pandaripura kshetram and have a good darshan in the near future.
    Sreemannarayana Rao Pochampalli

  22. gajalakshmi kannan Says:

    Lord bless us to visit Pandaripura to see panduranga rukumaee to have a good darshan thank u very much for the information u have given.

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