Thenangur Tower

Have you been to temples at Bhuvaneswar? Or, Pandaripuram any time before?

Even if your answer is yes, it is worthwhile visiting Thennangur, near Vandavasi. You will instantly agree that this is how a temple should be kept! The Thennangur temple is a beautiful fusion of temple architecture of South India, Orissa and Maharashtra in its modern form retaining the traditional values.

The Tower over the main shrine

The main entrance, Rajagopuram is typical of any of the South Indian temples and the inner tower above Sanctum sanctorum, reminds the one at Bhuvaneswar, Orissa with a saffron colored flag atop. The large idles of deities Sri, Pandurangan and Sri.Raghumayi, side by side, is bewitching. Beauty and grace are just inadequate words to describe the idols which are very tall, awe inspiring and well decorated with adornments. The decorations vary each day of the week. We visited on a Saturday and the alangaram was that of  Sir Venkateswarar of Tirupathi with Sri Padmavathi Thayar by his side. It was as if we were both at Tirupathi and Tiruchanur simultaneously and the rare darshan of both the Lord and his consort, side by side, is not even possible at Tirupathi. We were seated with other devotees at the Sanctum for at least 10 minutes in spiritual mood, forgetting the surroundings for a while. The well ventilated, bright sanctum sanctorum and clean environs, despite huge crowd of devotes make it a pleasant spiritual experience.

Beautifully landscapped flower garden and the rear tower

The main temple at Tennangur dedicated to Sri Pandurangan and Sri. Raghumayi was founded by the efforts of H H Swamy Sri Haridos Giri, a disciple of HH Swami Gnanda Giri of fame in the spiritual world. There is a Mutt at the rear of the temple where there is a shrine for Maha Hodasi Ambal near the Thulasi madam.

Thennangur is at a distance of 120 km from Chennai and 6 km form Vandavasi. There are regular buses available to Vandavasi from Chennai and then to Thennangur from Vandavasi. Thennangur is also very near to Vedanthangal, the second largest bird sanctuary in the country

Am sure, you would have a more satisfying spiritual experience at Thennangur.

CSG Raju


One Response to “THENNANGUR”

  1. Nandakumar Says:

    I have been to this temple it is very nice located in the heart of the village one of the best temples in south india

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