The architectural splendors of Indian Temples – 2


Tirupanangadu Temple

A small introduction to the background of the temple: Once the sage Pulasthya son of Lord Brahma, came to Tirupanangadu to have a darshan of Lord Siva. Even after searching for a long time, Pulasthya could not find the Lingam. It then dawned on him that unless Lord Siva desired, his devotees cannot get to see his form. Realizing this, he made a Sivalingam idol and installed it on his own at Tirupanangadu. This idol came to be known as Kripanadeswarar. Legend has it that the Goddess Ambikai urged Siva to give darshan to Pulasthya and the Lord also acceded to her request.


Coming to the point, in the small and well maintained temple, there is a mandapam soon after the tower where Sri Rama’s image is carved with a bow and arrow on a pillar. And, inside the mandapam is another image of the two legendary enemies, Vali and Sugrevan, in a fighting posture carved on another pillar.

As per the great epic Ramayana, it is said that Sri Rama, for the sake of a promise made earlier to his devotee, Sugraven, killed the unbeatable, powerful Vali indirectly from behind during a fierce fight between the brothers. Here we shall not go into the correctness or otherwise of the controversial act of Sri Rama as it has been a highly debated topic in Tamil forums and spiritual discourses by scholars and pandits, however, we shall limit our view on the concept only.

Coming back, the scene is depicted wonderfully on these two pillars bringing out the concept of the ‘hidden killing of Vali’ by Sri Rama. If you look from Rama’s side pillar, you can see both Vali and Sugreva fighting with each other. And, from Vali’s side pillar, Rama’s image is not visible and hidden!.

The unknown sculptor had immortalized his work of art and also brought out the concept clearly and cleverly on a stone medium for years to speak on his wonderful creation. Tirupanangadu is off by 2 km from a place known as Iyengar Kulam on Kancheepuram – Kalavi road in Kancheepuram district, Tamilnadu, India.

CSG Raju

(I shall be adding more blogs to this topic, ‘The architectural splendors of Indian Temples’ as and when I get the details and the serial numbers given are on random basis and do not bear any special significance)



4 Responses to “TIRUPANANGADU”

  1. swathi Says:

    hi thsi is swathi here ranganathan’s daughter.I was just going through ur blog & found it really interesting .Infact i have visited a few places & have not known the full story behind these temlpes.It was nice reading them & the pictures taken by you are really wonderful.
    I have a small question – You have written a lot about thennangur (the krishna temlpe ) but you haven’t posted any photos of the temlple?

    • csgraju Says:

      Thanks for your comment – shall post a photo of the beautiful temple tower of Thenangur shortly! Please keep watching my blogs and record your valuable comments as they help me a lot in improving my write-ups.

  2. dr.a.raman Says:

    good presentation and nice pictures.
    I invite you to my album of amazing temples … at webshots.com/laughingflowers
    This may lead to more additions in your blog.

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