Sri Adinathji Jain temple at Ranakpur, Rajasthan


There was an unexpected surprise in my Dwaraka tour recently. That was the inclusion of Sri Adinathji temple at Ranakpur in Rajasthan. It is an important shrine for the Jain community in general which is also visited in large numbers by tourists from all over the world for its architectural splendor through out the year.

The temple was built in 15th century by the Rajput King, Rana Kumbla during his reign. The grander of this temple not only lies in its awesome size but also in its delicate carvings on marble that leaves you wondering whether there could be any other shrine as wonderful as this any where else. It is a visual treat beyond comparison and a beautiful place that transports you to a spiritual world the moment you step in, an experience that can only be felt.

The basement of 48,000 Sq.ft. of area with an elevated floor that can be reached by a flight of steps houses four shrines with 24 pillared halls, all in marble. The total number of pillars is 1444 in all, of which, no two pillars look alike in design. An interesting feature about the pillars is that one of the pillars is not straight but slightly tilted! A local guide explained that it was purposely made like that to ward off the evil eyes, if any!

It has two imposing big bells to suit to its grander in shape and size. The main temple is four faced and dedicated to Shri Adinathji.

When I came out of the temple, I heard a fellow tourist saying to the other, ‘this is a most memorable and important place one must not miss to see in life.’ I agreed silently.

CSG Raju


3 Responses to “RANAKPUR”

  1. ranga Says:

    Thank you for finally putting your lovely tour diary as a blog.We will get to know and see lovely pictures and details from you.
    keep blogging!

  2. Sundararajan Says:

    Lovely writeups and equally lovely photos. Keep blogging with more informationa and observations

  3. hasyananda Says:

    each temple has a marvelous aura.
    Thank you for taking the time to document all these.

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